Joe Cross: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Joe Cross:  Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Joe Cross Interview (Fat Sick and Nearly Dead)

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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a 2010 American documentary film which follows the 60-day journey of Australian Joe Cross across the United States as he follows a juice fast to regain his health under the care of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Nutrition Research Foundation’s Director of Research. Cross and Robert Mac, co-creators of the film, both serve on the Nutrition Research Foundation’s Advisory Board.Following his fast and the adoption of a plant-based diet, Cross states in a press release that he lost 100 pounds and discontinued all medications. During his road-trip Cross meets Phil Staples, a morbidly obese truck driver from Sheldon, Iowa, in a truck stop in Arizona and inspires him to try juice fasting. A sequel to the first film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2, was released in 2014

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